Vlog #8 Building a Website Design Company In vietnam

Hello guys welcome to my journey of building a website design company in Vietnam helping small and local businesses build website to advertise their business online. Building website is always my passion so i figure building a website design agency here in vietnam is perfect to provide the highest quality work for my clients. Of Course building a company require office space, mean while my dad is building a coffee shop here in our family land. so i talk him into the vision that ive been having for a while. To build & design a place more like a co-working space coffee shop style with high speed internet, comfortable chairs and table , as well as a great enviroment for people to work and collaborate. so it’s like one stone hitting two birds. i can have my office space while my dad has a place to stay busy making refreshment drinks. that is the dream and let’s see how this vision unfold. please help me like this video and subscribe to follow my journey of building a website design business on top of a coffee shop.
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