Vlog #1 | How i Build an Online Business Remotely in Vietnam

when i first started to build an online business, i had no ideas how far i would get. alot of people including my family thought i was crazy for doing the things i was doing. ” who do you think you are ? you are just a kid barely speak english ” those are the words that people in my circle kept saying to me. but because i truly believe in my vision, in my self, my ability to get things done. I just kept at it simply because i enjoy building website, doing the things i like. plus i thought to myself, i am still young if im not doing what i wanted to do then eventually i will get old, and i wont have the energy to build a foundation for myself , for my family and the next generations to come. if i fail , i can always go back a find a job and work to make someone richer. but fortunately ive been bless with many lucks so i havent go back to look for a job. but instead now everydays, i get to work on the things i like, creating creative contents, build different products and best of all i get to travel whenever wherever i want and i am in the process of monetize everstep of the way. thank you you guys so much for supporting me all these time. my ultimate goal is when i “make it” i want to be able to give back to the unfortunate, to help those in needs. but until then i will continue to grind to add value for those around me. thank you for watching !

Suggest videos:
turnkey business:https://youtu.be/VwMgwT7219k
dropshipping: https://youtu.be/Djl-TY9ZV_0
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free video templates: https://youtu.be/59ngaBx1E3Q
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